Find a spider web

     8. Find a spider web

Spiders are amazing creatures and their webs are one of the marvels of nature! Not all spiders create webs, but many do, and they can be found fairly easily. Spider webs can be found inside homes, barns and sheds, but some of the best webs are found outside. Some good places to look are on tree trunks and tree branches, or on plants and flowers in a field or meadow. One of the best times to look for spider webs is on a cool early morning before the dew dries up. The dew will cover the web and allow it to be seen much easier and the sun’s raise will make the webs sparkle! This special time makes an already impressive web into an unforgettable experience!

STAY SAFE – do not attempt to touch or pick up any spider. There are a few species found in our area that can be dangerous to humans.

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