Make S’mores


Make s’mores

Fall is a great time to share a campfire with friends and family. It is a great place for singing and sharing stories, and eating treats cooked over the open fire. S’mores are a campfire favorite and are so easy to make. All you need is a campfire that has been burning long enough to have some red embers; a long stick either made for toasting marshmallows or hand made from a long straight “green” (not dry and brittle, or easily flammable) stick that an adult has sharpened to a point on the smaller end; a bag of marshmallows, thin chocolate candy bars, and graham crackers. Toast the marshmallow to your liking (if you let it burn, be sure to safely put the fire out!). Lay a portion of the chocolate bar on one square of graham cracker. Use another square of graham cracker to help you place the marshmallow on top of the chocolate, making a sandwich. Allow it to cool long enough that it starts to melt the chocolate, and is cool enough to eat. Enjoy! While you are enjoying singing and stories and s’mores, you can also look for constellations and falling stars!

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The Kids Campfire Book: Official Book of Campfire Fun (Family Fun) by Jane Drake and Ann Love, illustrated by Heather Collins. Great tips and activities to help your family have fun at a safe campfire.

S is for S’mores:  A Camping Alphabet by Helen Foster James