Discover a rainbow

  1. Discover a rainbow

What do you know about rainbows?  What order are the colors from the inside out?  Does the sky look different inside the rainbow when compared to the outside?  What makes a rainbow appear?  Does your family know any songs or stories about rainbows?  Pick a rainy day when the sun peeks through the clouds and see if you can find a rainbow, if you are especially lucky, you may see a double rainbow!

Internet links to help you:


All the Colors of the Rainbow (Rookie Read-About Science) – by Allan Fowler

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Rainbow – A fanciful book about rainbows and colors, but it does include a Mylar sheet and instructions on making your own rainbow.

A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman

Rainbows by Jacqueline Dwyer

Rainbows by Kristen Rajczak

The Rainbow and You by E. C. Krupp