Have an outdoor picnic

Garden-FunHave an outdoor picnic

There’s something special about eating outside, it seems to make food taste a little bit better. You can have a picnic nearly anywhere; in the backyard, at a local park or on the beach. Where is your favorite place for a picnic? Pack a picnic basket; bring sunscreen and lots of ice water. Don’t forget to plan some games!

Internet links to help you:

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Don’t forget the games!

Picnics can be a great time to observe ants


We’re Going on a Picnic! by Pat Hutchins

Teddy Bears’ Picnic by Jimmy Kennedy, illustrated by Alexandra Day

The Bear’s Water Picnic by John Yeoman, illustrated by Quentin Blake

Hot Dog! Eleanor Roosevelt Throws a Picnic by Leslie Kimmelman, illustrated by Victor Juhasz

National Geographic Kids Cookbook: A Year-Round Fun Food Adventure Paperback by Barton Seaver

Summer Days and Nights by Wong Herbert Yee