Build a Snow Sculpture


Build a snow sculpture

 Did you know that Eskimos have more than fifty words that they use to describe snow? It is said that the number of words in a language that define something helps to show how important that thing is to a society. Eskimos see much more snow than we do in northern Indiana. They even build homes out of ice and snow. When the weather is just right, you can create marvelous things out of snow! From a “typical” snowman to whatever you can imagine, snow sculptures are easier to create when the snow is “heavy” and “wet” and it is easy to clump it together into a ball or another shape. You can even use spray bottles to water the snow to help shape it, or make it stick together better. Sometimes people put colored water in spray bottles and color the snow. (Be aware that this color will hold the heat of the sun, and your creation will melt quicker than it would without color.) If you are outside when it is very cold you can sometimes see the individual snowflakes on a dark coat or mittens. Be sure to look at the crystals and how different they can be!

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